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20 years of Anvisa: participate in the sanitary regulation

20 years of Anvisa: participate in the sanitary regulation

To celebrate 20 years, the Agency gives a present to society with the Menu of Social Participation, which describes several means of participating in the sanitary regulation.

Published: 29 January 2019

What is the difference between a public consultation and a public audience?  How to consult a specific audience in a regulation topic?  What are the activities of a working group?  These and other questions are answered by the Menu of Social Participation, the newest instrument of the regulatory process, which is being inaugurated in the week that commemorates ANVISA's anniversary.

The Menu supports the technical areas of the Agency, as well as citizens, social entities and representatives of the private sector to develop a more participatory regulation, based on the understanding of the different mechanisms of social participation.  The tool schematically describes when to carry out wide or targeted consultations, signaling that the Public Consultation is always open to any citizen, while the Targeted Consultation may be directed to a specific public.

The Public Subsidies’ Survey (TPS), one of the newest methods to capture information and evidence, in writing, about the Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) Report, stands out from other modalities. In addition to the descriptive part, the Menu also indicates the means for participation in each different mechanism - in writing or in person - and indicates when a deliberation from the Board of Directors or a publication in the Official Gazette (DOU) is required.

The purpose of the Menu is to encourage social participation in the different moments of the regulation, from the beginning of the regulatory problem discussion.  Participatory regulation is essential for improving the quality of standards and contributes to ANVISA's regulation being more effective in promoting the health of the population.  

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